Our New Year’s Resolutions 2018

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Our New Year’s Resolutions 2018

A New Year brings a new set of resolutions to start the year off the right way!

Check out our top NYE resolutions to help you get inspired and let us know what you’ve got planned this year to make 2018 a good one!


Morning Swims

Why not take advantage of the hot summer mornings & get up early for an ocean swim! There is no better way to kick off your day that with a refreshing swim at the beach. Set your alarm, stroll down to the ocean & jump in. Sounds pretty amazing to us!

Embrace your inner ZEN

2018 is the year of balance! Jump on the yoga train and truely embrace your inner zen. Take some ‘me’ time this year and become a Bondi Yogi! With multiple studios around Bondi, you have no excuse.

Go Exploring

Sydney is filled with amazing hidden secrets from secluded beaches to swimming holes and this is the year to discover and embrace the city that you call home. Do some research, assemble your crew & get exploring – you never know what you might find!

Bondi Beach

Catch-Ups with Friends

This is the year of catch-ups with old & new friends! From breakfast dates to after work drinks or weekend beach sessions, reach out and be social this year! Why not join us at Bondi Hardware and catch-up over a couple of cocktails or our delicious menu?


Balanced Diet

Salted caramel brownies, toasted granola with fresh berries & cheesy chargrilled corn, this is the year of balance! A healthy diet is a phantom concept for most, we’re all about the balanced diet. Enjoy your salads & veggies but don’t be afraid to throw a bit of chocolate in there too.

Check out our MENU and enjoy a mix of deliciously healthy & ‘treat yourself’ dishes!